CleanAirNow's Five Goals for Clean Air and Public Health

CleanAirNow is committed to improving air quality and public health through a variety of approaches, including education, advocacy, research, and community empowerment. Our organization has identified five key goals that will guide our efforts to create a more just and sustainable future for all.

Our five goals are as follows:


We believe that community empowerment is essential to creating effective solutions for clean air and public health. CleanAirNow will work to enable and empower youth and adults in the region’s most vulnerable communities to organize, lead, and advocate for their communities.

Air Pollution Monitoring:

CleanAirNow will continue and expand the air pollution monitoring activities of the Diesel Health Project, with a focus on monitoring in overburdened communities near major polluting sites and transportation corridors.


We will provide education for community members, youth, college students, and professionals on the health and climate change impacts of air pollution, and how communities can work together to mitigate them and protect themselves and their families from adverse health impacts. This includes developing and delivering community-focused education, educating youth to improve their skills and provide environmental leadership, and educating government and private sector professionals who make recommendations and decisions affecting air quality.

Policy Development and Advocacy:

CleanAirNow will work with the Moving Forward Network to develop policies for the national network and will lead their implementation in the KC region. We will also develop and advocate for regional and local policies, legislation, and regulations to reduce and mitigate the health impacts of air pollution.


CleanAirNow will develop opportunities for cross-disciplinary and community-based participatory research that bridges organizational and geographic boundaries to improve the health and lives of citizens. We will maximize opportunities for community-based participatory research, citizen science, and crowdsourced data.


Address: Kansas City, Kansas

Email: info@cankc.com

Phone: (+1) 101 0000 888


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